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About Us


UNAEDI, was conceived by concerned and visionary Nigerians inspired by the contemporary needs, problems and challenges facing every Nigerian farmers, most especially the peasant farmers. Those concerned individuals want to maximize and exploit untapped potentials in agricultural sector, in-order to constitute agricultural revolution. These visioners see agriculture as the bedrock for every nation and also a major employer of labour. Nigerian has a verse arable fertile land that is not properly and adequately utilized. Due to this inefficiency in the utilization of our fertile land for agricultural purposes.

It has invariably constitute poverty, hunger and joblessness in an inexplicable way in our society today. This ugly incident can be alleviated by empowering enormous (great) number of people to engage in agricultural practices so as to course Agririan revolution. Because for an industrial revolution to be in stability in every society, there must firstly be an agricultural revolution. UNAEDI is in collaboration with International Organizations, Donor Agencies, Governments and dedicated/ambitious Nigerian Local Farmers to curb the world food crises.

UNAEDI compliments Governments/Individuals efforts in Agricultural Development and Empowerment in our good country Nigeria.


We started out as a small group of hands. Now we have grown to wide community of staffs and volunteers.

Our Mision

The mission of UNAEDI, is to provide hospitality, Freedom, Respect,Skill acquisition and Empowerment for the Youths, Women, the Unemployed, Farmers,and the IDP's through the services of food and other relief materials for the IDP's,Skill acquisition, Education, Job creation / training programmes,exploiting the untapped potentials in Agriculture,caring for the poor and homeless in Nigeria and Africa at Large.


Universal Agricultural Empowerment and Development Initiative has founded it's values on the love and Humanitarian services for all people and especially for all who suffer from poverty,unemployment,homelessness(IDP's), addiction and Orphans. UNAEDI, believes the following values in highest regard: Empowerment, Hope, Advocacy, Empathy, Dignity, Responsibility, Transparency, Accountability, Equity and Love.

We render Humanitarian services / share Love,Hope as we provide Empowerment based training, savings services,support and loans that restore dignity and break the cycle of poverty.

Aims & Objectives

  1. Empowerment through skill acquisition, knowledge and participation in collectives.
  2. Capacity building work for prospective Leaders and Volunteers.
  3. Organising / running education, Orientation programmes for the youths, Unemployed, Farmers, Women and Men, Widows and Motherless etc.
  4. Setting up or strengthening resources centers,Networking with Other agencies / institutions.
  5. Complementary Empowerment exercises for the helpless/homeless.
  6. To help the IDP's,Widows and Orphans, among its members.
  7. To provide educational and Financial Facilities to members.
  8. To curb Youth restiveness / conflict resolution.
  9. To reach out to the Less privileged in the society.
  10. To work in concert with other Organizations to discourage harmful traditional practices in the society.
  11. To sensitize the youth on proper conduct and discourage them from violence and other social vices.

We are charitable, Non Profit, Fundraising Organization.

We help the Youths,Farmers,Women, the Unemployed etc

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The Global Fund
Clinton Foundation
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